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Benefits of Using Cedar


Northern White Cedar is perhaps the most comparable species to Balsa that North America has to offer domestically. Northern White Cedar is among the lightest and softest of commercially available woods on the continent. The value of cedar is not found merely in its lightness, but in its resistance to decay, lending it to many exterior and interior applications. Cedar is commonly used for building unique & extraordinary cedar decks, saunas, windows, doors and outdoor furniture.


  • Environmental Resistance - Rated as very durable regarding decay resistance; cedar is resistant to pests such as termites and powder post beetles. The oils and resins in cedar also aid in protecting it from bacteria and fungi.

  • Workability - Cedar has good overall working characteristics and works well with both manual and mechanical tools. Northern White Cedar is quite receptive to glue and finishing.

  • Sustainability - White Cedar is not listed in the CITES Appendices, and is reported by the IUCN as being a species of least concern.

  • Built-in Insulation - Cedar has small chambers of air inside its grains, those chambers help protect the wood from temperature changes. When it is hot outside, cedar is not hot to the touch. This translates into superior comfort when sitting on cedar chairs & benches, and while walking on cedar decks during the hottest months of summer. These insulative properties are also responsible for keeping cedar saunas comfortable, while still being extremely well insulated.

Durability, aesthetics, and sustainability are only some of the multitude of advantages cedar wood has over other woods/materials used, thus making cedar a fine selection for those looking to add some rustic style to their home.

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Cedar window in progress
A beautiful rendition of a backyard awning. Built by Sudbury Cedar Products.Panels for a cedar door. Gluing/clamping stage.
Gluing and setting a cedar window.
A display showing various windows types, a sauna, and one of our beautiful sconces. All handmade in Sudbury Ontario by Sudbury Cedar Products.