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Cedar Windows by Morrison

The wooden window has been around for hundred's of years. In fact, I would not know exactly how long wooden windows have been around. What I do know is, there is a purpose and function for a wooden window expecially in the sauna.

Cedar windows are the number one choice when it comes to using windows in a sauna.

PVC and plastic windows can work temporarily but unfortunately broken seals and melting frames are the common results of these products. The problem comes from the high heat temperatures in the sauna that the stove produces.

Standard sizes have been set for the wooden cedar sauna window by window manufactures 25 years ago. Standard sizes like 36"x36" and 24"x24" are usually found in your local building store. In Sudbury, Ontario. Canada there is a local sauna window craftsmen upon them. Since the cedar shop has been open, cedar windows and cedar doors have been crafted by hand using old school techniques. The widows and doors are made with the cedar trees from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Canada and British Columbia, Canada.

For many years now, wooden windows have been hard to find due to the high cost of manufacturing and lack of skilled individuals. Look no further, you have now found a company that will craft your cedar sauna window. Sizes like 16"x16" have been added to the list of windows needed for a sauna. This window size was added by me because it fits between a natural framed wall of 16"o/c. There would be no need for a header. Great for air flow and designed with function in mind.

Cedar is the answer when it comes to sauna windows and doors.