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Where cedar materials are used in every day construction projects

The cedar trees that grow in Canada are very important in the modern day construction industry. There are four types of cedar trees that grow in the Canadian environment. There is the red cedar trees, yellow cedar trees and the aromatic cedar trees that grow in the western regions of Canada. The other type of cedar tree is the north eastern white cedar tree that grows only in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick along with a few north eastern regions of the USA. 

Since, I was a young boy my family has been harvesting and milling eastern white cedar trees from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. The eastern white cedar tree is perfect for milling lumber for all kinds of construction projects. 

At first the natural properties in cedar will allow you to use it in any outdoor environment like decks, fences, gazebos, docks, siding, shingles, windows and doors. Cedar has properties of rot resistant characteristics allowing excellent use for the cedar tree. Cedar can be milled into a tongue and groove (T&G) profile allowing cedar to be used inside for saunas, ceilings, walls, closets, furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and floors.

When choosing materials to use in a outdoor or indoor project think about cedar first, you will not be disappointed.